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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
Our online Service utilizes artificial intelligence to facilitate anonymous matching of IT Professionals to geographically desirable Jobs. We provide a personalized, dynamic, interactive match list, for the duration of your search. The results of our Service are relevant and precise, providing a cost-effective and efficient search experience.
IT Professionals (full-time, part-time, temporary employees, contract-to-hire and independent contractors) are matched to IT Jobs (temporary, permanent, or contractual assignments), posted by Employers (corporate HR and IT departments, project managers, consulting and staffing firms, and recruiters). If you have a position that you would like to fill, or a skill set that you would like to advertise, this service is for you.
We believe that all Job and Candidate profiles are active in the job market as we provide two-way email notification of matches, with the convenience of deactivation by reply. You may review your personalized, dynamic match list and give and receive feedback. Candidates may view matching profiles and Employers may contact suitable candidates.
Upload a job description or candidate resume in a preferred format and use the login you receive via email to update your profile and view your matches.
You may define the possible business relationships for your profile using the type and association operators. Select one of the types, and one or more of the associations. Here are some of the likely combinations:
Type Contract/Permanent (C/P) x x
Permanent (P) x
Contract (C) x x x
Contract To Hire (C/H) x
Association W2 - Tax-Paid Employee x x x x
1099 - Independent Contractor x x x x x
Corp - Corp - Incorporated Business x x x
All matching is performed anonymously. Candidates may block matching to Jobs posted by specific Employers by entering a list of primary internet domain names in the "Block Domains" field, for example: "". An Employer who registers with one of the specified internet domains will not be matched.
This Service utilizes encryption to ensure secure transmission of your personal information over the Internet. We employ other security measures to protect your profile information and login. We do not store credit card or other financial information.
Candidates may advertise their skill set, location, review matches and provide feedback for free. Employers may likewise advertise Jobs, review matches and provide feedback for free, with the option to purchase contact information for individual matched Candidates, according to our fee schedule.
You may perform a "Quick Search" to preview active jobs or candidates prior to creating a candidate profile, or employer/job profile for automated matching.
You may create a Job profile by selecting the Post-A-Job menu option. You will be sent login information via email, enabling you to track matching Candidate profiles. You may provide feedback, and get feedback from Candidates, on their interest in the position. If you are already registered, you may update your profile from the edit profile menu option. See our tips for employers for information on how to optimize your search.
You may create a Candidate profile by selecting the Find-A-Job menu option. You will be sent login information via email, enabling you to track matching Job profiles. You may provide feedback, and get feedback from Employers, on their interest in the match. If you are already registered, you may update your profile from the edit profile menu option. This is a free service for IT Professionals. See our tips for candidates for information on how to optimize your search.
Login and select the edit profile option from the menu. If you do not recall your login information, you may request a password reset.
Select the password reset menu option, enter your username or email address and click the "Send" button to receive a reset link via email. Click on the link to reset your password (and unlock your account).
You may use your email address in place of your username for login. Use the password reset menu option to change your password.
Select the "Remember Me" option when you login for direct access to your matches the next time. You should only use this option if you have exclusive access to your device.
Check that you have correctly entered your username (or email address) and password, both are case-sensitive. You may also request a password reset. If you are still having problems please contact our Helpdesk.
The following is a list of profile options and their meaning:
Option Meaning (if checked)
Job US Citizen? Candidate must be a US Citizen (required for US DOD security clearance).
US Resident? Candidate must be eligible to live and work in the US.
Travel? Candidate must be willing to travel.
Relocation? Employer would consider Candidates willing to relocate.
Candidate US Citizen? US Citizen (required for US DOD security clearance).
US Resident? US Resident (currently eligible to live and work in the US).
Travel? I am willing to travel.
Relocation? I am willing to relocate.
We accept uploaded files in most common formats. When creating or updating your profile, you may click the "Browse" button to locate a resume or job description file on your device. The file will be uploaded with your profile information when you click the "Update" button.
You may request notification of new matches by changing the email notification status (see below). To be eligible for matching, your Employer or Candidate profile must be status "Active" + "Approved" + "Match" (for an Employer this also applies to individual Jobs).
Status Value Meaning
Active Status Active Active for matching.
Inactive Deactivated.
Approval Status Approved Profile approved.
Pending Pending approval.
Match Status Match Active for matching.
Do Not Match Pause from matching.
Email Notification Immediately Notify immediately.
Daily Notify daily.
Never Do not notify.
You decide how frequently you would like to be notified of new matches, "Immediately", "Daily" or "Never". When your search is complete you may deactivate this Service.
Our automated matching system compiles a dynamic match list, optionally sending you email notification. To be eligible your profile must be approved according to our terms and conditions. Matching starts as soon as your profile is approved, usually within 24 hours.
After login you may access your personalized match list from the "Matches" menu option.
You may view an anonymous matched profile by clicking on the profile number under the "Ref#" column on your personalized match list, see feedback for other options.
Your personalized match list is updated dynamically, by attrition (deactivation of a matched profile), and addition (creation of a new matching profile). It represents your complete match list, unlike email notification which lists new matches.
To activate matching, set your profile status to "Active" + "Match". For notification via email set your Email Notification status to "Daily" or "Immediate". To deactivate matching, set the status to "Inactive" or "Do Not Match". Alternatively, you may send an email to our Helpdesk with subject "Deactivate", from the email address you used to register, or simply reply to the notification you receive.
Your feedback appears as either "None", "Interest", or "Decline" to the owner of the matched profile on their match list. You can update feedback for your matches and request more information, as follows:
Feedback Option Meaning
None No feedback yet.
Interest Indicate an Interest.
Decline No Interest.
Email Info Send more information⁄Indicate an Interest.
Select (Employers Only) Select⁄Indicate an Interest.
You may update the feedback option on your match list to indicate a current interest in a matched profile. The feedback indicator provides a way of tracking profiles that may be short-listed, and serves to indicate to the matched party that you have reviewed their profile and have a current interest.
For each Candidate you wish to contact on your match list, update the feedback option to "Select", and use the "Update" button to confirm.
Our matching Service operates anonymously. In order to maintain privacy it is necessary for an Employer to obtain referee information directly from a Candidate after obtaining the contact information provided by our Service.
If you find a match that you would like to share with a friend or colleague you can Refer-A-Friend by selecting the "Referrral" option for a Profile on your match list.
Either reply to your email notification with "Deactivate" as the subject, or update your profile to "InActive" or "Do Not Match". You may reactivate at any time. Thank you for using our Service, and please don't forget to Refer-A-Friend!
We maintain privacy rules for email processing in accordance with our terms and conditions. Should your email address, or domain, have become inadvertently blocked, please contact our Helpdesk for a prompt resolution.
If our security system detects an anomaly in processing a request it may block the IP address temporarily and you will see an error page. For automated unblock, email our helpdesk, subject "Unblock".
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