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Software Design in Cyberspacetm


SDC Consulting (inc. California, 1993), a virtual company with global connectivity, international expertise and prescience represents an innovative, tractable and transcendent approach to Information Technology and the art of software design and instantiation, hence: Software Design in Cyberspacetm.

We provide resources for support and development operations utilizing multi-generational, physical and virtual machines, operating systems, applications and database:

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO): Development and integration of augmented systems; open-source solutions for virtual machines, platforms, applications and databases;

Return On Investment (ROI): Remote deliverables; holistic optimization; virtual systems integration; AI & VR augmentation; rapid implementation methodologies;

Business Continuity Planning (BCP): High availability (HA); disaster recovery (DR); hardware, software redundancy; data replication and analytics.


SDC specializes in remote services for database administration (DBA), implementation of Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS), and integration of related technologies:

DevOps: Continuous agile development for prototyping and deployment of global, networked virtual machines, application software and databases;

Cyberspace: Platform architecture, network topology, load-balancing, disaster recovery, optimization, interfacing, porting, streaming, secure communications and parallel processing via autonomous virtual machines;

Data: Distributed global database, encrypted tunneling and communications, global convergent data replication, adaptive-responsive security;

Analytics: AI augmentation, expert systems; diagnostic, predictive, contemplative and ultimately, cognitive.


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