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Tips For Candidates
Candidate Profile
Your Candidate Profile is used in the matching process to provide you with a Match List of active Jobs which meet your criteria. It is important to ensure that your email address is current so that we are able to provide you with the required level of Notification.

For your Profile to be eligible for matching, the status must be "Active:Approved;Match". Approval of your Profile is subject to our Terms and Conditions.
Resume Format
We request that you upload your Resume File in a format readily convertible to text. We can convert most common file formats. A text representation of your uploaded file will be used in the matching process.
This Service performs automated matching Anonymously. Your Profile is used in the matching process to establish a score for a particular Job. Candidate score also depends on the accuracy with which the Employer completes their Job profile.

Optimal performance in the matching process is achieved by ensuring that your Profile is complete and contains the specific details and keywords that accurately describe your skills, compensation requirements, and geographical preference.
Matched Jobs
Your Match List represents a list of active Jobs matching your Profile. You may review the anonymous Job profiles, request additional information via email, and provide Feedback to the Employer. Employers will contact you directly, to continue the hiring process, according to their established policies and procedures.
Indicate an interest in a particular Job by selecting one of the following options on your Match List. This information is also visible to Employers on their "Matched Candidates" list:

None Awaiting response.
Decline Not interested at this time.
Interest I am interested in this job.
Email Info Send more information.

Likewise, an Employer may express an interest in your Profile.
Our Helpdesk is available to answer your questions. We welcome your suggestions for improvement, and thank you for participating in this Service!
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